Adult Education

Spring 2021 Schedule of Adult Classes

Note: for online registration, it is necessary to charge the non-member rates to cover processing fees.  Thank you for understanding!

Landscape Painting w/ Dennis Snell ($120)

Saturdays, January 9th through 20th (3 weeks), 11AM – 2PM

A class for beginners and experienced painters alike, join Dennis Snell in painting beautiful landscape paintings as he teaches you how to paint a landscape from start to finish. Working on fairly small sized canvasses, expect to finish your three weeks with multiple finished paintings!

Basic Color Theory and Painting with Acrylics w/ Cat Lloyd ($120)

Thursdays, February 4th through March 4th (5 weeks), 2PM – 4PM

In this class, learn the basic skills needed to start painting with acrylics! Learn how to mix the colors you want and then how to use them in your paintings. While familiarizing yourself with color theory, you will also learn how to reproduce any image onto your canvas using grids.

Adult Pottery w/ Laura Cardello ($120)

Mondays, March 1st through 29th (5 weeks), 6PM – 8PM

Learn step-by-step processes of using clay to build functional and sculptural ceramic pieces. Hand building methods and wheel-throwing methods will both be explored in this class. Production of the pieces will be completed with glazed finishes.

Introduction to Contemporary Embroidery w/ Zoe Monnier ($120)

Tuesdays, March 2nd through 30th (5 weeks), 5:30PM – 7:30PM

Versatile and beautiful, hand embroidery is an art form that has existed for centuries. Explore how embroidery has changed over the years while learning basic stitches and skills needed to complete your very own embroidery.

Portrait Painting w/ Dennis Snell ($120)

Thursdays, April 1st through 29th (5 weeks), 4PM – 6PM

Using photographs as a reference, learn Dennis’ method of creating life-like portraits using acrylic paints. Focusing on anatomy and facial structure, you will learn all the steps needed to be able to recreate a person’s likeness. For intermediate and experienced painters.

Clay, Ceramics, Pottery – Same or Different? w/ Cat Lloyd ($70)

Friday, April 23rd, 5:30PM – 8:30PM, and Saturday, April 24th 11AM – 2PM

This two part workshop will discuss the different types of clays, glazes, and forms so commonly confused by the general public. What exactly is the difference between bone china and stoneware? What is the difference between the figurines Aunt Alma painted and handmade pottery? Slips, salt, engobes, lusters, underglaze, overglaze, temperatures and kiln types will be discussed with samples for viewing. We will discuss the unique history of clay in North and South Carolina and areas that are still prominent in pottery culture. The class will be predominantly lecture/demonstration/Q&A style with hands-on clay and glaze experiences sprinkled throughout.

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