Art à la Carte

Friday Evening Art Workshops for Adults

Second Friday of the Month (in season), 6PM – 9PM, $35

Candle Making

January 15th, 6-9PM ($35)

Make the winter cozy with your very own handmade candles. Learn how to make both dip candles and pour candles, and customize them with your favorite colors and scents!

Applique Throw Pillows

February 12th, 6-9PM ($35)

Throw pillows are the perfect accent in any home. Fabric pieces are used to make an image or design which is then sewn in place to create a throw pillow that is uniquely your own!

Collaged Planters

March 12th, 6-9PM ($35)

It’s time to start planting and repotting your houseplants for the spring! Using the art of collage, customize a terra cotta planter to turn your houseplants into artful home décor.


Silk Scarf Dyeing w/ Alice Brooks

April 23rd, 6-9PM ($35)

Alice Brooks returns to teach another popular silk scarf dyeing class. This time around, learn how to create an image on your scarf using micron pens and careful application of dye.

Rainy Day w/ Cat Lloyd

May 7th, 6-9PM ($35)

Ever get caught in the rain and have your umbrella blown away? Now is your chance to capture that moment using acrylic paints in this spring Rainy Day painting session.