Youth Art Camp Week 5: July 20-14, 2020


9:00am – 12:00pm

Fun in the Mud  (ages 4-7)

This introductory pottery class for the very young allows students to explore different kinds of clay, the pottery wheel and hand building techniques, and finishing objects with colorful glazes.  Students will make all sorts of pottery and creatures to be treasured for years to come. Instructor: Cat Lloyd

Comics  (ages 4-7)

Learn how to create and illustrate a story in comicbook form. Students will learn about different forms of comics and how they came to be, how to put ideas into panels and speech bubbles, how to make a comic flow, and what makes a good story. Gag comics, story comics, and much more! Instructor: Lexi Melton

Animal Adventures  (ages 8-11)

Calling all lion tamers! Students will embark on a multi-sensory safari celebrating the animal kingdom. Students will engage in play-acting to inspire their paintings and assembled sculptures. Instructor: Sarah Jane Ballentine


1:00pm – 4:00pm

Collaborate!  (ages 8-11)

Art-making is more enjoyable and creative when you work together! This class will have students creating collages, storybooks, monster pictures, comics, and more. Students will make individual and group projects to take home, but also create collaborations for display in the Gallery’s classrooms! Instructor: Lexi Melton

Youth Pottery  (ages 8 & up)

Students will learn the basics of making functional ceramics using the pottery wheel and hand-building techniques to create decorative pieces and whimsical animals. Glazing, surface decoration, and the “magic” of the kiln to create vibrant shiny surfaces will also be explored. Instructor: Cat Lloyd

Drawing From Life 101  (ages 11 & up)

This class will teach students the art of careful observation in order to accurately draw the three-dimensionality of objects from the real world. Students will observe the natural world and learn to pay attention to the nuanced details we normally miss. Students will explore different drawing mediums including graphite, charcoal, and ink. Instructor: Sarah Jane Ballentine

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