Summer Camp Descriptions

3-D Insect Art (4-7)  Young artists will learn about a variety of insects such as bees, dragonflies, caterpillars and butterflies and their habitats and favorite food source and/or flower. They will create 3-D models of these insects using paint, sculpture and a variety of craft materials  (egg cartons, pipe cleaners, felt and sculpey).

Fun in the Mud (4-7)  A perennial favorite, this introductory pottery class for the very young will allow students to explore different kinds of clay, the pottery wheel, hand building objects and colorful glazes. Students will make all sorts of pottery and fantastic creatures to be treasured for years to come.

Garden Art (4-7)  Miss Sarah will explore the garden with her students in this crafty and creative class. Young artists will paint and decorate flowerpots to plant a flower. Students will paint and personalize their own garden hat. Students will paint with natural materials such as root vegetables and leaves, and create decorated garden frames. Then they will fly away on bird or butterfly wings that they have created!

Storytellers (4-7)  Storytelling instills a love of reading, improves attention and stirs imagination. Students will make play accessories and art using a variety of media, based on classic and contemporary children’s stories.

Under the Sea – Rainbow Fish (4-7) Miss Alison will guide students on an undersea adventure to make friends with a variety of creatures including a rainbow fish, a kind- hearted octopus and other sea life. Students will make a colorful model of a rainbow fish and create undersea molas (geometric yarn pictures) along with other projects that teach sharing and kindness.

What I Really Want to do is Paint (4-7)  Learn what materials and technique painters use to create a masterpiece!  Each day students will have the opportunity to play with paint and learn about various painting styles! They will be introduced to color theory to create their own custom color palette, in addition to trying different mark- making techniques using stamps, stencils, and tools.


The Art of the Yogi (8 & up)  Yoga instructor and artist, Morgan Edwards will teach children simple posture and relaxation and stretching that add up to a yoga sequence designed to increase creativity. Students will paint patterned mandalas on canvas, create dream catchers and make ceramic boho bells in this unique and popular class.

Claymation 101 (8 & up)  SHS Drama teacher Kelly Melton and daughter Lexi return for another session of this popular and fun class. Young artists will explore the fascinating process of claymation, a form of stop-motion animation, to make their own short films. Using a variety of materials such as armatures, fabric and, of course, clay and creating their own storyline, students will flex their creative muscles.

Colored Pencil Drawing (8 & up)  This drawing camp encourages students to develop unique relationships with colored pencils! They will learn the fundamentals of drawing, and explore the endless possibilities of mark-making. Students will build confidence through drawing exercises, in addition to learning the aspects of value and the practice of building color, working from direct observation of a still life, photo reference or from nature.

Creative Painting Techniques (8 & up)  Artist Connie Brennan will lead students in this exploration of painting  with a twist. Using a variety of techniques including creating texture, incorporating precise stencils and combining color, students will create vivid dreamscapes populated by butterflies, angels, lizards and rich Flora.

Fun with Robots (8 & up) Students will explore the role of robots in our modern world. Robots come in all sizes and shapes. Miss Alison will lead her students in a design course where they design their own robot by drawing a preliminary plan and then they will construct their own 3-D robot adding various objects and materials. Students will also construct a robot costume and have a robot parade in the gallery.

FX Makeup (8 & up)  Kelly Melton returns to teach this wildly popular class on special effects make-up. Students will learn prosthetic sculpting, molding and casting techniques to create advanced cosmetic effects. Although these effects tend towards scary Halloween characters by recreating blood, wounds, gashes and odd facial features, students can also do animal and fairy makeup, strip and cover!

Hey, Kids! Comics! (8 & up)   SCGA Director of Art Education, Kyle C. Coleman will help students explore the rich history and learn the fundamental techniques involved in sequential art! Students will learn about the terminology and tools of the trade, the essentials of proportions, poses suggesting action, and more! Students will experiment with the methods of producing their favorite comic book characters and craft their own comic!

Youth Pottery (8 & up)  Our most popular summer class! Students will learn the basics of making functional ceramics using the pottery wheel, and decorative pieces and whimsical animals using hand-building techniques. They will also learn about glazing and surface decoration and the wonder of the kiln –  creating a vibrant shiny surface when a piece comes out.

Fabulous Fibers: Weaving and Dyeing (9 & up)  SCGA Curator and fiber artist, Cole Miller and his students will explore the ancient art of different dyeing techniques using indigo (a natural plant pigment), rust and food coloring. Students will then learn to weave their hand-dyed yarns into intricately patterned tapestries embellished with natural and found objects that reflect the maker’s individuality.

Stamp, Stencil and Stationary (9 & up)  Artist and graphic designer Sarah Jones and her students will explore the versatility of paper and design to make beautiful products used in everyday life. Students will make their own set of cards and envelopes decorated with relief stamps they have designed and made themselves. Students will make kitchen notepads, monogrammed stationary and roller stamp wrapping paper and finish the week with watercolor silhouette postcards!

Portraiture : The Art of the Selfie (9 & up)  Portrait artist Sarah Jones will lead young artists in the art of portraiture and incorporating the selfie craze. Students will make photo booth props (fake glasses, mustaches, hats) and take photos of themselves. Students will explore the art of the silhouette and practice life drawing with a partner, where they can draw themselves using a mirror or draw their partner. Students will paint their pet or their friend from a photo and finish up the week with Andy Warhol style portraits and portrait frames of bright colors.

Metal Sculpture (10 & up)  Sculpture can be created out of a variety of materials – plaster, clay, wood, stone. In this class, sculptor and ceramic artist Eric Burress will explore creating sculpture out of metal. Materials will include found metal objects, wire, armatures and range from abstract to representational. We are excited to offer this first time class.

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