Sumter Collects III – SCGA 20th Anniversary Exhibition

The Sumter County Gallery of Art is celebrating 20 years in the Sumter County Cultural Center. It was an exciting time as the Sumter Gallery of Art moved from the small Elizabeth White house on North Main to the modern and highly regarded space we inhabit today.

2003 was a time of pride and accomplishment and a lot of hard work by Roger Ackerman and Katie Levi, who raised the funds to make the Sumter Gallery of Art, as we were once called, a reality. The inaugural exhibition in the new space was Sumter Collects”—an exhibition of the wonderful art collected by discerning Sumterites. It was curated by former executive director, Kay Terr, Booth Chilcutt, and artistic director, Peggy Chilcutt.

In 2013, to celebrate 10 years in the Cultural Center space, we continued the tradition and presented Sumter Collects II. This month, we open Sumter Collects III to mark our 20-year anniversary, and we believe it is the best Sumter Collects exhibition thus far! Executive Director, Karen Watson, and Curator/Assistant Director, Eric Lachance, have visited 30 homes of art collectors throughout our city. This exhibition will present a comprehensive collection of traditional and contemporary paintings, sculpture, fine decorative items, limited edition prints, and photography. The subject matter is such that there will be something to appeal to every taste: Landscapes, abstracts, florals, portraits, sculpture, functional items of note, and paintings comprising most genres.

“Exploring the personal collections of Sumter’s art lovers with Karen, I grew to know the multitude of tastes and styles that comprise our small city,” Eric remarks. “The privilege of receiving an invitation to view just one of the 30 ‘private galleries’ we visited impresses upon me the sophistication and playfulness Sumter enjoys. I want to thank each of our participants for exhibiting pieces from their homes for all to appreciate and enjoy.”

We are thrilled that Grainger McKoy is loaning us two sculptures from his personal collection. Folks known for their amazing art collections who have never participated before, are loaning their art for the public to see. They include Dr. Grady Locklear, Cheryl Moye, Jay Schwartz, Elizabeth Britton, Kay and Dusty Rhoads, Tommy Bultmanand Ann and Mack Kolb. 

Sumter Collects III is by, for, and about Sumterites and our community. We look forward to celebrating 20 years with you at the opening reception on February 23rd from 5:30 to 7:30.


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