Youth Education

Fall 2021 Schedule of Youth Classes

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Art isn’t always just done by yourself; often you’re doing it together! This class will have several projects where students work as a team to create things, from the big to the small. This class will help bring artists out of their shells as they learn to work with others. From comics, to collages, to monster drawings, this class is sure to be a blast!

Kids will have a blast expressing themselves with clay! Using traditional hand building and wheel throwing techniques, students will create a variety of pieces that will be finished by exploring glaze design.

Painting is a wonderful creative outlet, and in this class students will get to explore painting and push the medium to its limits. Experimenting with different painting techniques and applications, students will also get to explore their creativity in the imagery they choose to paint.

Students new to pottery will get to learn a variety of wheel throwing and hand building techniques as they create beautiful ceramic pieces. Those with experience will have a chance to practice their skills and explore new projects! Pieces will be finished with glaze.